Guilt Trip

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Guilt Trip








Maxence Paris


Maxence Paris

Madeleine is possessed by a mark on her body that keeps on spreading ever since she got baptised. When her shrink, Dr. Mada, sees it, he understands that it’s the symptom of the “culpa virus”, a spreading disease he’s been researching on which gives his patients a huge sense of guilt. He finds in sacred scriptures a lake of miracle that might cure his patient. He calls her and asks her to come along with him on a road trip to this hidden lake. But Mada is spied on by the Church who is very interested in his research. When the Pope learns about his discovery, he calls for a video conference consisting of an old phone and a puppet show to figure out with his advisers what might be the consequence of this discovery. The conclusion is that this discovery might cause the bankruptcy of the Church and the Pope decides to send Priest 003 to stop the shrink and his patient. The stakes are high: healing the population from a sense of guilt or the downfall of the Church.

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