The Etiquette of Conversation

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The Etiquette of Conversation

The Etiquette of Conversation will introduce Radim Špaček's (*1973) short-sequence works, remarkable personalities of contemporarz Cyech film. The film Pouta (Bonds, 2010) and the feature-length debut Mladí muži poznávají svět (Young Men Discover the World, 1993) were some of the films with best audience reception. Presently his film Místa (Places, 2014), which, like the film Pouta, is collaboration with the screenwriter Ondřej Štindl, is being shown in a premiere. Next to his feature films, Radim Špaček also dedicates his time to shooting documentaries, directing theatre, organizing the Bollywood Film Festival etc...

The projection consists of two sections: Špaček's students films and music videos, and the webseries Dámi / Nedámi (Laydies / Genitalmen2010–2013), written and scripted by film critic Zdeněk Holý.

Ve svém bytě bydlím sám (I live alone in my apartment) - 1995, 12 min, 35mm

Best Before the End - 1998, 17 min, video

Music videos Ejhle! - Přehrada and Nikola Brasko - Hnědá písnička

Laydies / Genitalmen- 2010–2013, screenplay: Zdeněk Holý, directed by: Radim Špaček, camera by: Jakub Hanousek, music by: Ivan Acher, edited by: Libor Alexa
Marta and Pavel are best friends. Marta is a lesbian and Pavel likes lesbians. Maybe a bit too much... Czech web series inspired by the open dialogue of TV shows such as Inbetweeners, Girls or Orange is the New Black. The author drew from his considerable experiences.