FAMU Prague film academy of the 1960s

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FAMU Prague film academy of the 1960s

Miloš Forman, Jan Němec, Jaromil Jireš, Věra Chytilová, Jiří Menzel, Evald Schorm – today these are icons of the “third generation” of FAMU – the most specific of the “Czechoslovak film miracle” of the 1960s.

The talent of the FAMU students those days first reached audiences at cinemas as short film stories. The triptych of war stories Hlídač dynamite (The Guard of Dynamite), based on the story Němé barikády (Silent Barricades) by Jan Drda, had luke-warm reception; however, Perličky na dně (Pearls of the Deep), made in 1965 was applauded as if by a generational manifesto. The young filmmakers exchanged the proclaimed truths for the poetics of the everyday and the anti-hero.

This year’s FAMU of the 60s retrospective is stylistically diverse: it includes an unforgettable series of war films, comedies, shorts by famous (Němec, Chytilová, Jireš) and less famous (Bočan, Schmidt, Sirový) filmmakers of the Czech New Wave.

There is also a rare look at work by filmmakers who ended up working in documentary or television (Jan David, Petr Ruttner and Dušan Klein), and those whose film careers were cut short for many years (Vlastimil Venclík, Zdeněk Zaoral).


Black and White Sylva Jan Schmidt

Black-and-White Sylva / Černobílá Sylva

Jan Schmidt   27'   Czechoslovakia

Only Yesterday It Meant Death / Ještě včera to znamenalo smrt

Zdeněk Sirový   26'   Czechoslovakia

Carp for the Wehrmacht Karel Smyczek

Carp for the Wehrmacht / Kapři pro Wehrmacht

Karel Smyczek   22'   Czechoslovakia


Caterwauling / Kočičina

Věra Chytilová   11'   Czechoslovakia

Little Guinea Pig Dušan Klein

Little Guinea Pig / Králíček

Dušan Klein   13'   Czechoslovakia

Good Bye Jan David

Good Bye / Na shledanou

Jan David   8'   Czechoslovakia

Hatred Hynek Bočan

Hatred / Nenávist

Hynek Bočan   24'   Czechoslovakia


Moutful / Sousto

Jan Němec   12'   Czechoslovakia


Uncle / Strejda

Jaromil Jireš   5'   Czechoslovakia

The Wedding Night Vlastimil Venclík 01

The Wedding Night / Svatební noc

Vlastimil Venclík   6'   Československo

Thirteen Minutes Petr Ruttner 01

Thirteen Minutes / Třináct minut

Petr Ruttner   10'   Czechoslovakia

Art of loving zaoral

The Art of Loving / Umění milovati De arte amatoria

Zdeněk Zaoral   5'   Československo