64. BRNO16 rozdala ceny vítězným filmům

🏆 The international jury consisting of Sameh Alaa, Julie Marková Žáčková, and Magdalena Żelasko crowned Electra: Amazingly crafted, very strong current topic, homage to old Czech animation masters but combined with questions of the modern world. It analyses our society and our need to belong and be loved, whilst staying thought-provoking. Told from a personal point of view, the film inspects family bonds and charms with striking visuals.”

💜 Besides the main award, the jury also traditionally made special mentions of the short films Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Dede Is Dead, Such Miracles Do Happen, Liquid Bread a Will You Look at Me

💚 The international competition was also evaluated by the Student Jury FAV. This year, the jury included Marie Jedličková, Alexandra Kubicová, and Kristýna Vodáková. They gave their Student Jury Award to the Spanish film Once You Pop: We awarded the film “Když děláš pop” for the original approach to the story it tells. We appreciated the work with tempo and time: in 16 minutes we went through a whole spectrum of emotions. We admire the way it combines narrative and visual attributes, as well as its humor and music. All in all, the film offers a unique experience thanks to which it stands out and deserves the prize of the student jury."

💚 Mathieu Janssen, Veronika Kührová, and Monika Lošťáková acknowledged the animated film Dede is Dead with the Czechoslovakian 16 Jury Award. Director Philippe Kastner accepted the award: By treating this topic in a such sweet way without hiding the undeniable sadness around it. We think this film is valuable for both – children and adults. This beautifully crafted animation of the film convinced us with a strong visual storytelling that made this personal story into something universal. And what other film could we award at this animal friendly festival than Dede is dead.”

💜 The festival audience also handed out their Audience Award. They voted unanimously for the Polish film A Dead Marriage

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