Programme, go for it!

Go on! The stops are running and Brněnská 16 definitely does not stop on the spot. The dramaturgy team collects competing photos carefully, and a burgeoning accompanying program is gradually being born.

How did art strengthen in the 60s and 70s? Officially and unofficially. What impact does your art have on monumental, politically motivated art, and how independent and personally motivated? The replies will be offered by 6 films from the Slovak Film Institute on various forms of art in the period of totalitarianism. A bit of martial arts and different aesthetics can be enjoyed in Asia's short films. You can look forward to cosplay, action cats, superhero in or without costumes, to a sinister car. Body and spirit are capable of different tricks! Not only art - but creativity in general - can engrave the right muscles, so one band is devoted to lego films and an animo lego workout ... indeed a workshop.

Our section Czech 16 is shaking with your heart as the best cardio. More recently, there is talk of another new wave of Czech cinematography and Czech films that are successful at world festivals. It's not just about "prestigious" feature films but also more modest short films. And not only the pictures themselves, but also their creators, with whom you will be able to discuss. Do you like a well-drained belly with a bunch of buns? Then get to the band we have prepared in cooperation with the label Sixpackfilm. An important part of every conscious sport or creation is endurance and the ability to concentrate self-reflection! We know it. That is why we will include the retrospective and the band from previous B16 films.

In short, a lot of art and a lot of fun, Art Cinema transforms into one big gym.

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