The official selection for the 64th edition international competition

From more than 1000 films, the programming team has selected 33 films from around the world to be presented at the BRNO16 International Film Festival from 18 October. They can win three financially honoured prizes, including the Audience Award. Congratulations to all selected!

Films in the international competition

20 years, it’s few days (Belgium; Sylvain Dufayard)

All the love of the world (Belgium; Guérin Van de Vorst 2)

Burn the Dead (Brazil; r. Cisma Denis)

The Cutest and Funniest Animals in the World (Brazil; Renato Sircilli)

Dead Marriage (Poland; Michał Toczek)

Dede is Dead (Czech Republic; Philippe Kastner)

Demon Box (Canada; Sean Wainsteim)

Dildotectonics (Portugal; Tomás Paula Marques)

Dinner for 2, breakfast for 1 (Slovakia; Kristína Žilinčárová)

Du Hund Du (Austria; Benjamin Laabmayr)

Electra (Czech Republic, Daria Kashcheeva)

File (Iran; Sonia K. Hadad)

Finn’s Heel (Belgium; Cato Kuster)

The Guardian of the Steppe (Kazakhstan; Saya Omar)

Headprickles (Poland; Katarzyna Miechowicz)

Homones (China; Chenning Yang)

Honeymoon at Cold Hollow (USA; Nat Rovit)

Intercom 15 (Romania; Epure Andrei)

In His Fortress (Turkey/Norway; Yasemin Demirci)

Liquid Bread (Slovakia; Alica Bednáriková)

Once You Pop (Spain; Edu Hirschfeld, Kevin Castellano)

Out of the Fog (France; Tigrane Minassian)

Pastry Friday (Austria; Josef Dabernig)

Promise of a Wild Love (Brazil; Davi Mello)

Shadow of the Butterflies (France/Portugal/Qatar; Sofia El Kyari)

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Singapur; Lee Alvin)

Such Miracles Do Happen (Poland; Barbara Rupik)

Super (Greece; Nikolas Kouloglou)

Resurrection (Poland; Luiza Budejko)

Tapping Black Boots (Slovakia/Sweden; Kaoru Furuko)

Will You Look at Me (China; Shuli Huang)

Working Class (France; François Robic)

Detailed information about the films and the schedule will be available from the beginning of October.

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