Honourable Mentions – Art Makes Us Stronger

Six movies ware awarded by special mentions for their exceptional features.

Special mentioned for excellent screenplay is awarded to Lookout by Noa Gusakov from Israel for her clever script that takes the film between reality and imagination and between two media representations, in a cruel and dangerous reality of war, in which the film's character realizes, is not a game, only when she sees its price and feels guilty for being part of it.

Special mentioned for the excellent original idea expressed in audio-visual terms is awarded to Survival by Masoud Hatami from Iran.

Special mentioned for excellent for cinematography is awarded to Clara's Rage by Michelle Garza from Mexico for the accurate composition and extraordinary use of light and shades to create the visual feelings and terror the characters is living through.

Special mentioned for excellent acting is awarded to Tenderness by Emillia Zielonka from Poland for the sensitive, powerful emotional acting conveying the intimate complex relationship between two young lovers who have to go through the trauma of abortion.

Special mentioned for excellent for animation film is awarded to Exomoon by Gurdun Krebnitz Hudba from Austria for its stylistic form and the way it combines animated technique with live action footage.

Leshy by Pavel Soukup was awarded by a special mention of student jury as a great Czech genre movie.

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