61st BRNO16 | THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE | 14—17 October 2020

The international short film festival did not end with its 60th edition and is boldly stepping into the new decade with the theme of UPROSTŘED NIČEHO / THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.

The key part of the program is, of course, the competition. You can look forward to the traditional international contest as well as the second edition of our new competition, The Czechoslovakian 16, which you can enter using this form. The rules for submitting your film remain the same: you can only submit your film once, it cannot extend 30 minutes and it should not be older than 3 years (i.e. filmed between 2018 and 2020). You can only submit films that were not created for commercial purposes on a commercial basis and we will not accept advertisements or PR films. The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2020.

The winner will receive (aside from undying glory and appreciation) a cash prize of up to 750 EUR (in the case of the main award). There will also be a student award and audience award (380 EUR) and The Czechoslovakian 16 winner won’t walk away empty-handed either (380 EUR).

You can also look forward to the usual off-program which will carry the spirit of this year’s theme and will assure you that you can find jewels in the form of precious short films even in THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.

BRNO16 will begin with its traditional warm-up on the night before the festival during which we’ll all get attuned to the right film wave that will carry us for the entire four days to leave again after a buoyant goodbye on the last day of the festival.

One piece of chocolate is not dangerous to your health in any amount and you definitely won’t have enough. Short films are like that – you go see one, another one – last one! And suddenly you’ve consumed the entire box. Indeed, there are never enough short films, so come and see for yourselves!

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