63rd BRNO16 knows its winners!

International jury gave the main award to Will My Parents Come to See Me? A head of the jury Charlie Cockey said about it: "The jury presents the main award to a film remarkable on all levels - with a Bressonian austerity, it presents the inexorable unfolding of a tragedy both contemporary and classical."

The jury also awarded six honourable mentions, to the films: ► Any place, Toothless, Sierra, Neon Phantom, Trumpets in the Sky a Strigov.

Student Jury FAV gave their award to the film Hunting Day. „We have decided to choose a film that is probably the shortest in the competition but is strikingly charming for its minimalism. "Hunting Day” is a playful Dadaist tale shot in one day that, in under three minutes, skilfully combines absurdist humour with the captivating visuals of analogue film. The protagonist’s gaze, somewhere behind the camera, is fixed on the bizarre acting performance of the only character seen by the audience, whose (un)mundane actions in the immersive, atmospheric surroundings of a half-demolished village house result in a completely disarming and imaginative ending. The inventiveness and originality of this final “plot twist” is something that perhaps no other film in the competition can boast, and it was precisely this fairy-tale conclusion of the piece that unanimously convinced us of its right to the Student Jury Prize."

The Czechoslovakian 16 Award won an animated Czech film Sisters. Jury that consisted of Teresa Vieira, Pavel Horáček a Jakub Spevák said about the film: "A well–constructed film, in terms of its form and narrative, that takes the courage to share a personal story that manages (through its compelling arch) to create an uplifting feeling. The use of folklore motfs is an organic and innovative way comes to show how the use of metaphors was brilliantly used throughout the film."

The audience also had an opportunity to award their prize. This year, they chose the Polish film Last Days of Summer

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