59th BRNO 16 already knows the winners!

The ceremony is over, all awards and special mentions are distributed! The Main Award got the film ANIMAL (directed by Bahman Ark and Bahram Ark), The Student Jury Award SHIT2028 (directed by Jan-Karel Pavlík) and The Audience Award PIGGY (directed by Carlota Pereda). The jury also granted four Honorable Mention, and that was the images EDGE OF ALCHEMY (Stacey Steers), HOISSURU (Armand Rovira), PAN (Anna Roller) and THE TIGER (Mikko Myllylahti).

Quiet movie about the urge to cross established borders. Not only the state ones, enclosed by a fence and barbed wire, but also boundaries of body form. A man decides to hide himself in ram’s skin to help him cross the border.

Another world war is approaching and an angry young man wants to leave a message for the next generations. An energetic and angry statement from 2028 made by J. K. Pavlík (Cahuenga) about “daily life, going to techno parties and putting together a giant piece of shit”.

She is a bit overweight and other girls call her “piggy”. One trip to the pool turns into a nightmare for Sára as she encounters not only bullies but also a strange lone man. Suddenly it is no longer a twisted game, it becomes a matter of life and death. But who is the hero and who the villain?

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